Janssons Temptation

A game about growing as a person. Help Jansson find his inner peace in this story driven physics puzzle/sandbox game. The game is played from first person view.

I highly recommend to download the game for better performance


Move with WASD
Jump with Space
Push with Left mouse button
Pause game with P
Restart from pause menu

This game was the crowd favorite and won 2nd place in 3D category of Go Godot Jam with a theme "Growth" and was on 9th place overall. Most of the assets used in game are from Quaternius and music from sawsquarenoise and John_Bartmann


janssons_temptation_win.zip 50 MB
janssons_temptation_linux.zip 50 MB
janssons_temptation_mac.zip 64 MB


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Amazing funny game! Also, great story :)


Wowee~! This was really hilarious. I only got to the city stage because, at least on the windows version, the game glitched out and wouldn't stop making me walk forward. into a wall. I lost control of all movement keys. The amount I played was super fun, though. Excellent job. :)